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SANDINE Zartaux Professional cosmetics

SANDINE Zartaux Professional cosmetics now available at Mary Beauty Salon

Sandine Zartaux offers premium quality cosmetics and is amongst the leading cosmetics products in the world where research takes place in European Union. Before the products reach consumers, they are meticulously tested for bacteriology safety and efficacy. Moreover, all products are clinically and pharmaceutically controlled and they are certificated to be exported worldwide according to the EU standards which are the strictest in the world.

The luxurious cosmetics line is enriched with exclusive ingredients like Alpha Arbutin, Sturgeon Caviar, Gold 24K, Donkey Milk, Pearls, Oyster and Seaweed amongst others. All ingredients are concentrated in levels that are rarely reached in other competitor products which is why beauty experts can tell the difference from the first use.

Collections available:

  • BOTOX Cream – A power replacement of BOTOX Injection
  • Black Caviar Collection including: Caviar Day Cream, Caviar Night Cream, Caviar Serum, Caviar Eye Care
  • Donkey Milk Collection including: Donkey Milk Day Cream, Donkey Milk Night Cream, Donkey Milk Eye Care
  • Eye Collection including: Frozen Serum for Dark Circles around the eyes, Cream in Mask form for bags and puffiness under eyes
  • Anti Cellulite Cream – A very powerful and effective Cream for Cellulite which gives you effect in just 5 minutes after use
  • Complete set of products against Hair Loss including: Special Shampoo against Hair Loss, Special Lotion against Hair Loss, Ampoules against Hair Loss

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Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Keratin Treatment aims to eliminate frizz, unruly curls and wave, leaving your hair smoother, shinier and healthier. The treatment can be performed on all types of hair, including chemically-treated hair (bleached, highlghts, coloured, permed, relaxed or previously straightened).

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Promotions List

AED 200 Package

Choose 4 items for AED 200

Blow Dry
Hair Trim
Eyebrow and Upper Lip Threading
Hot Oil Hair Treatment
Face Massage with Lotion(30 min)
Foot Massage (30 min)
Hand Massage (30 min)
Head and Shoulder Massage (30 min)
Eyebrow Threading and Face Bleach
Full Bikini Wax
Full Leg and Under Arm Wax
Half Hand and Half Leg Wax
Full hand and Stomach Wax
Half hand and Half Leg Wax
Full hand and Under Arm Wax
Half Back and Under Arm Wax

AED 400 Package

Full Body Wax and
3 Items for AED 400

Manicure and Eyebrow Threading
Pedicure and Eyebrow Threading
Blow Dry
Hair Cut
Head Massage
Hot Oil Hair Treatment
Full Face Threading

AED 300 Package

Choose 4 items for AED 300

Blow Dry
Manicure and Pedicure
Head and Back Massage (30 min)
Full Face Threading
Foot and Hand Massage (45 Min)
Root Colour
Full Leg and Full Bikini Wax
Full Leg and Full Hand Wax
Full Leg, Half Hand and Under Arm Wax
Full Hand and Bikini Wax
Full Hand, Under Arm and Stomach Wax
Hot Oil Hair Treatment
Manicure, Eyebrow and Upper Lip Threading
Pedicure, Eyebrow and Upper Lip Threading

AED 400 Package

French Gel Set Nail Extensions and
3 Items for AED 400

French Pedicure
Blow dry
Hair Cut
Hot Oil Hair Treatment
Head Massage
Full Leg and Under Arm Wax
Full Bikini Wax

Terms and Conditions

Each package has a validity of One Month from date of purchase. If any of the services are not used during the set time period, they wil be charged separately. Mary Beauty Salon has no responsibility over that.